Friday, March 6, 2009

So Stands the Tree

Hard up through the Cloven Stone a lonely Tree did spring
His Tempest-twisted Branches groan, his Roots to rubble cling
No Will of Wood did his surpass, no strength of Bough could best
The might with which he’d heaved in Half his first and Fateful Test
The sundered Stone through which he’d grown had seared a vicious twist
His Limbs were wrought by walls of Stone that Sunlight never kissed
The broken Boulder warped his pose, his Crown not Fair and Free
Like Leaflets through the Olden snows o’ Ground, so grew the Tree

But this was not to be an End, though Fate had bent his Bole
The ‘Love of Fate’ that Nietzsche preached was this Tree’s very Soul
Though cold of Heart, he made his start, and caught what Light he could
He reveled in the ‘would’ of Will, and showed the Will of Wood
As day by day the Rock did give, the Wrath of Fate he broke
The Destiny that Green things live no Scandalon can choke
For freer now he spread his Shade, and fairer grew his Glee
Twisted still, but tough and staid, so better grew the Tree

But bitter Winds now shook his Limbs, and blew him evil thoughts
“The other Trees have lives of ease, and you have gnarled Knots”
“You struggle for each breath of Air. Your friends are High and Hale”
“So why consent to be this bent? Wither, thee, and Fail!”
“Never”, spoke the tree at last. “I’ll not give up my Crown”
“The Will of Wood to Hope shall fast. I’ll have this Mountain down!”
The bitter Wind grew foul and grinned, and whispered hauntingly
“Twas said of Old that ‘As the Twig is bent, so grows the Tree’”

They struggle to this very day, though now the Tide is turned
When Skyward Hope bends Bough to grope, the Winds of Wrath are spurned
The Testing Stone beneath his Roots is now a wholesome Loam
Abundantly he bears his Fruits—this Tree has found his Home
He’s shed the Bark that once was dark, his face is now his own
His past with haste hath Time erased, his torture far outgrown
High and Hale his Limbs now Soar, His Crown is Fair and Free
A hymn to Hope forevermore—and sound—so stands the Tree

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