Friday, May 13, 2011

Google Blogger Sucks

Attention "Man of the West" readers (both of you -- you know who you are)!

As we all know by now, Google Blogger has been out of commission for the last day or so. This caused my two most recent posts to temporarily disappear. They have now reappeared on the blog but the 'labels' beneath each post were incorrectly displayed. When I edited the posts to fix the labels, the posts reappeared on the blog in the opposite order that I wrote them in.

I hope this hasn't caused too much confusion. Since my content at least is back on the blog, I'm not going to mess around editing them anymore. I hope that Google has resolved these issues, and that there will not be any more problems with additional posts. A new essay is on its way -- will be here either tonight or sometime this weekend.


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