Thursday, March 31, 2011

The comment that National Catholic Register refuses to publish.

Shame on them. But what did I expect?

In an article dicsussing the Fr. Corapi case, I have appended the following comment. It has not yet appeared on the site, and perhaps it never will. But it is true, and history will bear out the import of my words.
The dominoes continue to fall. Maciel, Euteneuer, now Corapi. So passes the Novus Ordo. So passes the legacy of John Paul the "Great." Robert Barron will be the next to go, followed shortly by Scott Hahn (who will not sin publicly, but will apostatize).

And while Mark Shea offers some rare words of sobriety on this occasion (certainly not his usual MO), he should know that the clock is ticking on him as well. In fact, any Novus Ordinarian with a public "media ministry" will shortly find the boom of the Almighty lowered on all his works, including the entirety of EWTN. Uncountable reams of material have been issued in the name of the Catholic Church by private individuals acting on their own initiative, or at most abetted by heretical bishops: thousands of hours of video and audio, books, blogs, articles, devotional tracts, diocesan rags, catechetical booklets -- none of it vetted by proper authorities, all of it juvenile and bereft of sound philosophy, all of it stinking of the Novus Ordo and the liberal sacrilege of Garrulous Karolus, all of it destined for the memory hole when the Church Militant recovers her senses.

When Pope Benedict recently bemoaned the influence of "professional Catholics," he was referring inter alia to those who butter their bread by pretending to represent Catholic intellectual culture but who instead distort it beyond recognition. In America today, that description fits almost anybody who publicly confesses the name "Catholic." It fits the entire Novus Ordo church and its established corridors of power. That the Novus Ordo is a house built on sand is a fact that becomes more undeniable with each passing day.

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  1. Oh Matt, that's awesome, connecting the Novus Ordo with this sorry event. Thanks for the laugh.