Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The comment that Catholic News Agency refuses to publish.

You know, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of having my comments on other sites continuously trashed and deleted by some stick-up-the-ass moderator. Here is the latest deletion, which appeared beneath an article at Catholic News Agency, in which George Weigel (that idiot) saw fit to "slam" those who criticize Pope John Paul II's fast track to sainthood. Read the article first, then my comment below will make more sense.


Hey George,

The fact that JP2's papacy "changed the history of the Church and the world" is the very reason why he shouldn't be beatified. The changes were terrible. JP2 was a modernist catastrophe of a pope. In the realm of theology, it is clear that this man never thought like a Catholic. In the realm of practical affairs, he was utterly inept. Papal success? Please. Perhaps he can be the patron the saint of false ecumenism, of Koran kissing, of statues of Buddha on top of the tabernacle, of pedophilia, and of losing 50% of Mass attendance under his watch. Passing strange reasons to beatify anybody, still more on the "fast track."

The ex-drama student from Poland with his tremendous ego simply wanted to impress the Church with the marks of his own grasp. His entire papacy was one big graffiti scrawl saying, in effect, "Karol was here." His discarding of the Magisterial "we," the dithyrambic timbre of his papal writings, and his pernicious modernism pervading every aspect of his thought, his insufferable attempt to alter the Rosary, all testify that popularity was more important than orthodoxy to him. And let's not forget his constant jet-setting and glad-handing of crowds, his meetings with every pagan religion and heretical Protestant sect (it seems he met with everyone, everyone but the victims of sex abuse, that is). Well, excuse me, but I am not impressed by the spectacle of Pope Jean-Luc II flitting around the galaxy, implementing his ecumenical Prime Directive.

This has got to stop. Nobody is buying your whitewash anymore, George. And if, by the unsearchable mercy of God, Karol Woytyla is in Heaven at this moment, I pray him to somehow, some way, put a stop to this beatification, so that he will not continue to destroy the Church in death as he did in life.

Good day to you, sir.

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